Hi, I'm so glad you ended up on my page! before you think about inquiring about your wedding or engagement session, i want to let you know how i do things. i am not your traditional photographer. Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer or not, its important you know what you’re getting into to make sure we are a good fit for each other! Let me let you in on the details.. Your session or wedding isn’t going to be an afternoon of staged, awkward feeling, forced smiles and poses. I’m not going to make you turn to the right a little bit and smile at me on your wedding day while making sure your dress is always laying perfectly flat.

Photographing your love is much more than that.

what you should expect, i do things a little different.

about me

My work is all about connection. My connection with my couples, and the connection between you two. My main focus above all else is that my couples are having an amazing time. Most couples show up saying “sorry, we’re awkward” and by the time we're done, they’re going on about how easy and fun it was. Trust me, getting photos taken doesn’t have to suck or be awkward, and I will make sure you have a good time!! 

I want photography to be more than something on your checklist of things to do when you're planning your wedding. You don’t realize it now, especially when you’re so focused on centerpieces, maybe your table chart, and bridesmaid dresses, oh and florals. Here's a little secret... photography is really the only thing that lasts past your wedding day. The number one thing I hear from couples who went cheap on photos say they regret it. It’s something that will only increase in value over time. Images get passed down for generations. 

couples breaking traditions is how it should be.

 doing things their way.

BECAUSE THAT'S what it's all about.

You know what I don't want my couples saying... “I wish we did our wedding the way we wanted” or “I wish we would have eloped” or “we actually don’t even like cake” as they’re about to cut their wedding cake. From my experience, planning your wedding the way YOU want it to happen, will make it the best day of your lives. Do you wanna get married at Coachella? Heck to the YEAH. Or maybe go backpacking through the mountains for the weekend and exchange vows on the edge of a lake? Wanting to go bar hopping with your friends and family internationally before the big day? Wear a black wedding dress and a maroon suit? Skip out on all the pressures of a wedding and elope with your best friends? YES. YES. YES.

Whatever you're wanting photographed, it’s worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the emotions for years to come. I want you to be able to look back at these photos for decades and feel the love you feel for each other right. now.

i'm not going to force you to pose or do any of that cheesy shit.


My style is heavily immersed on real moments. not staged, not forced, not set up, we will be real. I of course will guide you as we shoot so you’re not awkwardly standing there wondering what to do, but it’s important to me that you two are being fully yourselves and present with one another. This way, we can capture you for who you really are.

We create together.

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